• matthewchau.hk

    We were being invited to design the logo, business card and website of “matthewchau photography”, as his personal identity for showcasing his works to the audiences.

    Logo & Business Card \
    “viewfinder” is one of the main component of the camera that photographer use to find their object and focus for capturing their stunning images, while Name is one of the core of the personal identity in photography field.

    We used the initial “m” from the name “matthewchau” with the significant icon of the viewfinder together for creating his logo [ M ] to let the audiences know about him in more effective way.

    We applied the same concept in the business card by utilising the spot uv printing effect to reflect the “viewfinder” concept – audiences need to be focused to reckon the objects on the card.

    Web \
    To connect and line up the concept, we intended to reduce the opacity of the website and use the “+” as the mouse pointer. We also employed a very user-friendly gallery system for the photographer to showcase his works in different categories which will take him no time in updating his portfolio, the gallery could also project in full screen mode with slideshow operation.

    Technology \
    Developed by HTML5 + WordPress