• Pizza Box

    Pizza Box is a pizza delivery fast-food company in HK. In order to strengthen the brand, there is a need to redefine its target audience, market position, perception, brand core and personality. Moreover, the brand would characterizes the personality, levels of trust and confidence, friendship and status that the brand enjoys in the consumer’s life.

    Concept \
    The new brand core has developed as efficient, quality & taste. In order to show such core of Pizza Box, professional and stylish personality have to be shown on the design. The character of superman and his bike designed for signifying the speed and professional services in the busy city in HK.

    Credits \
    Design Direction:
    Parry Lam, Astor Sham, Leona Wong, Alan Sheung
    Graphic Designer:
    Parry Lam, Astor Sham, Leona Wong, Alan Sheung