• School of Playback Theatre

    School of Playback Theatre is a social community organization, which provide an interactive platform of non-scripted theater for everyone to share their stories and listen to each other. By enhancing its communication dialogue with understanding, empathy & trust.

    Objective \
    To define the brand identity that could harmonize the society by strengthens the connections as a community by distribute its culture.

    Concept \
    Butterflies, usually fly for pollination everywhere while playback learners also perform anywhere and spread its culture. Once the butterfly going through their mature stage, they would continue its cycle and reproduce. While the playback audiences whom would continue the culture and build the playback community.

    Brand Core \
    - Sharing
    - Understanding
    - Helping

    Brand Personality \
    - Professional
    - Artistic

    Credits \
    Creative Direction: Leona Wong
    Graphic Designer: Fin Wong, Eric Lau, Leona Wong
    Illustrator: Nikita Liu

    • Client: School of Playback Theatre
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